Víctor Hugo Valenzuela

Bewitched by the moonlight, spiritless by a drop of water, lightly hanging over time, elastic, floating, relaxed, walking through the music.  By kissing the light, one day I went up the smoky stairs following the sound of a floating sigh, and found myself in the nothingness.  The voice of the word explained to me how one should love nature.

I devoted myself to flying.  My spirit drank water from the lake, walked through towns of fire, bathed int he volcano´s mist.  Tried roads and paths;  heaven was my home and so was the sea.

One day I was a tree, another a light;  Indian by blood, lonely landscaper in a permanent venture.  I learned that I am full of lights and shadows;  that I am in the middle of reflexes and penumbra arrows, full of mysteries and horrors.  That I am not on the earth but inside the infinite and that inside ourselves there is another endless space.”

Victor Hugo, 1992